hayward pool vacuum



Also called the upgraded version of Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WC, Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WCCUB is an innovative product among the suction side pool cleaners from the Hayward TigerShark family.

Alongside a sleek design, it has a couple of fine porosity elements for efficient filtration. As the big brother of its previous version, it works well even for long hours of cleaning without any compromise on the performance front.

The combination of authentic filtration cartridge and debris chamber eliminates the need to turn it upside down. Plus, it also puts a stop to the need of bearing with the messy bags. Users can access both these features from the top portion of the machine.

In addition to being a robust cleaner, the Hayward SharkVac XL is also versatile, manual pool vacuum meaning that one can operate it on a variety of surfaces (on both even and uneven surfaces). This is further aided by a useful scrubbing brush which provides for a comprehensive solution to even the stickiest of dirt. In spite of being made with an enhanced technology, the Hayward SharkVac XL RC9740WCCUB does not necessitate its buyer to splurge of power bills as it makes and economical use of energy to execute the task of cleaning a swimming pool.

Another remarkable fact about the cleaner is that it comes with a caddy. With all these advanced features, you can enjoy your time with your family and friends, assigning the task of cleaning the pool to this powerful machine.

Given below is a list of some salient characteristic features of the cleaning equipment.


  • Smart steering technology for an efficient cleaning pattern for waterline, coves, walls and the floor
  • Operates independently without the use of the pool’s filtration system
  • Works without pumps, hookups or hoses
  • Removes debris in quick time by virtue of its top-access cartridge filter
  • Well-conceived and advanced sensors to prevent the cleaning from running out of the waterline, thereby offering additional protection to the motors



Dolphin Nautilus CC is a comprehensive pool cleaning solution by Maytronics – the leading manufacturers in the USA. It offers a total cleaning solution, from the top to the bottom, including the water-line and the wall.

This product is a boon for those pool owners who wish to have an equipment to clean their residential pools without them having to worry about the conventional pool filter bag. Instead of using a bag, the pressure side pool cleaner uses a removable cartridge to execute its task.

Although visually pleasing, it does not seem to be imposing in any way. It does not look like a cleaner which is loaded with features from the outset. However, when used, it is a different story altogether. Among the other goodies of the product, the prominent one includes the presence of heavy-duty rolling brushes instead of wheels.

Its powerful pump does not necessitate the use of an additional pump as it is dolphin pool vacuum capable of filtering a whopping 4230 gallons of water in every sixty minutes. What it means is that one can get away with even an uphill task of pool cleaning by merely connecting it to the power supply.

The filter cartridges linked to the system are durable. They generally tend to last longer even as it suffers some wear and tear over time.

A smart navigation system ensures that the pool cleaning equipment will be able to locate the surfaces to be cleaned on its own. This useful feature can literally save both the time and energy of pool owners. Regardless of the shape of a pool, this robotic machine comes across with an arrangement which helps it to locate its path effortlessly without any hassle.

When it comes to saving power or energy, this machine emerges as the front runner. The fact that it can work for about three hours for a power bill of merely 15 cents speaks volumes for its low power consumption capabilities.


  • Lighter filters with enhanced capability of filtration
  • Efficient scanning with the clever cleaning technology
  • For deeper cleaning of the floor and the walls
  • Active brush for scrubbing without any hassle
  • Top Load filter basket for capturing both large and small debris