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Actor Steve Berta /
Runtime 103 minutes /
Athlete A is a movie starring Mark Alesia, Steve Berta, and Jamie Dantzscher. Follow the Indianapolis Star reporters that broke the story about USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar’s abuse and hear from gymnasts like Maggie Nichols /
Jon Shenk /
Tomatometer 8,5 / 10

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I’m filled with white burning rage after seeing this documentary. br>
Entire organization of USAG including Penny, those Romanian trainers et al. should be investigated and eventually held criminally responsible for what happened to all these girls.
Difficult to watch
watching all these old clips of gymnastics on the Olympics and then listening to the ladies discuss their experiences, has changed my perspective. I’ll probably never ever watch another Olympics game at all the rest of my life; gymnastics especially.
No matter what you watch about the subject you will be effected by it. The young women who finally came out as older women are true heroes and have got guts. I’ve watched a couple of different documentaries on this monster Larry Nasser and the horrible abuse and rape that countless women were subject to throughout his long career of working with these athletes. I will say that the HBO doc was a bit more in depth but nonetheless very powerful. This is a subject that is difficult to hear but very important for all to see. The women who came forward at the trial of this predator are true rock stars, and should be celebrated.